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            Vitrified Hotelware
            Stainless Steel Serving
          Bar Accessories
          Kitchens & Utensils
          Mughlai Copperware & Sizzlers
          Chafing Dishes & Buffet Service
          Table & Room Service
          Housekeeping & Accessories
          Disposable Wares
          About Blossom  


          Conceptualized in 1997, Blossom Household has grown and established itself as key supplier to the hospitality industry supplying hotels, restaurants, catering institutions, furnishing apartments and successfully completing turnkey projects. Keeping in line with our priority factor: “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”, we stock a wide range in most products, for our customers to get an ample variety to choose from, and also to suit their budget.

          Now, 15 years down the lane and blossoming, we have a strong management team who has a vast experience behind them who understand clients’ needs and are able to provide them with their choice of products and that too with the best rates and within minimum delivery time.

          Our clientele range from palaces to the navy to major five star properties spread across seven continents. One major reason to have such a prestigious and vast clientele is our service, quality for price with various varieties in a product, all of which are difficult to find in today’s market – that too all under one roof.

          So, whether its successfully completing turnkey projects, especially arranging tailor made products, refurbishing apartments, late night supplies to ship berths or helping out a client with emergency supplies at the time of their inauguration, Blossom is always by their side with pride, hence keeping in line with our motto: “Once with us, Always with us”

          We thank you for visiting our site, and hope all your searches end here.  In case you do not find a product, kindly mail us an image along with the quantity required and we shall revert to you at the earliest.

          We welcome your suggestions and feedback.

          Enjoy browsing………

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